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JavaScript parts of query service UI not working on Commons Query Service (Beta)
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Description looks like this to me:

This is the same result that you get if JS is broken or you have JavaScript disabled – the sidebar buttons aren’t loaded, i18n for the top bar buttons is missing, there is no syntax highlighting, and clicking the “run” button submits a form (⇒ the browser asks you if you want to download the results, as implemented in T168968). I’m not sure why that’s happening – I can see the JavaScript being loaded in the network panel, and there are no errors in the console.

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One thing I notice is that this seems to be the page as run from source, without going through the build step (e. g. all the <script> tags pointing to node_modules/ aren’t bundled. That should still work – and I can see the node_modules requests in the network panel, they all succeed – but it’s not what you ultimately want to run in production, so I’m not sure if this task is worth fixing at all.

It's probably good to keep that task, but the current deployment on beta is really a hacked together proof of concept, and we do expect a lot of things to go wrong. We need to do a lot of cleanup (T232297) first.