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[Tool idea] ISA-ART: an ISA Tool fork, specifically to tag artworks (on Wikidata)
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The ISA tool is awesome, but it is often not really suited to do Depicts statements of paintings and other types of creative works, because these are in many cases described on Wikidata, not on Wikimedia Commons.

How about having a parallel version (a fork) of ISA that you can give a Wikidata query as input, and that will add Depicts statements to Wikidata items (so not to Wikimedia Commons images)?

Obvious use cases can include:

  • Add Depicts statements to Wikidata items of one museum's collection (example query)
  • Add Depicts statements to artworks by one artist (example query)
  • Add Depicts statements to public artworks in one city, region or country (example query)

Workflow would be (with focus on differences from the 'original' ISA tool):

  • Campaign manager creates a campaign - NOT based on a Wikimedia Commons category, but on a Wikidata query
  • Otherwise campaign features are the same as in 'classic' ISA
  • No captions can be added, because Wikidata doesn't have these
  • Participant sees images of corresponding Wikidata items in random order (the tool only shows Wikidata items that have an image)
  • Basic metadata shown about the image (see below) should probably be taken from Wikidata, not from the Commons image

Event Timeline

This may be a nice project for a hackathon, for instance :-)

Macro goat-for-it:

SandraF_WMF moved this task from Backlog to Future on the ISA board.EditedSep 13 2019, 12:04 PM

And I came up with the name ISA-ART but perhaps it can be another name, also inspired by chiShona?

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Actually, the Wikidata Art Depiction Explorer (WADE) does this. Yay!

👉 👈

Actually, the Wikidata Art Depiction Explorer (WADE) does this. Yay!
👉 👈

Well, not entirely - you can't create campaigns or sets to work on specifically, but that can be a feature request for WADE.