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Newcomer tasks: dismiss suggestions
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T232423 lays out specifications for the suggested edits module as mocked up here. An element shown in the mockup but not required in T232423 is the ability for a user to not only page through suggested edits, but to actually dismiss them with an "X" in the upper right.

The idea behind that dismissal action is to allow users to indicate that they are actively uninterested in a task, or that it is a bad match. This needs to be thought through and explored further. Implemented well, it could:

  • ...let users curate their own feed so that they don't repeatedly see suggestions they don't want as they change their filters or return to the module on different visits.
  • ...allow us to find out how much users do or do not like our recommendations.
  • ...see if we are better at recommending tasks on certain wikis or on certain topics.
  • ...collect information to improve our recommendation approach.

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MMiller_WMF moved this task from Inbox to Upcoming Work on the Growth-Team board.

@RHo and I need to decide on designs and business rules for this feature.