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Red-green in PHPUnit code coverage are hard to read
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Inspired by T232893, this is something I've always wanted to report. Our coverage reports on (example) uses a red/green combination that's very hard to discern. As partly colorblind, I can guarantee that:

  • The page is hard to read on a decent monitor
  • The page is impossible to read on a monitor with not-so-good colors (I tried a cheap laptop, and there really was no difference between the colors)

The colors seem to be decided by a bootstrap CSS file included directly by PHPUnit; hence, I'm going to open an upstream bug report. Nevertheless, I wonder whether we can change the color for our reports, before we will eventually upgrade to a newer version of php-code-coverage.

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FTR: Note that we use an old version of php-code-coverage, and the current one (7.0.7) is slightly different. Red and green are the same, though.

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I didn't find the upstream response of allowing for custom CSS super satisfying, but I guess it's what we got. If someone writes a stylesheet, we just need to have CI copy it into .css/custom.css before rsyncing it to the docs server.

I used to have a stylesheet loaded via stylish or one of those browser extensions, but I lost that a while back and didn't really back it up.