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Syntax highlighting shifts the page image below the text on Wikisource
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When using the syntax highlighting in edit mode in a page for Wikisource, it shifts the image, misaligning it with the text. See image below:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a Wikisource article in Page ns in edit mode
  2. Select the icon for the "syntax highlighting" (the little pencil)
  3. Reload the page

Possible solution:

  • The element <div class="CodeMirror cm-s-default CodeMirror-wrap ui-resizable" ....> (without an unique id btw) should be placed as first element of <div class="prp-page-content"> rather than after <div class=wikiEditor-ui-text>.

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Including an example link is always welcome, as it makes it way easier for someone else to try to reproduce the problem.
Seems to be here. Confirming.

Removing Wikimedia-Site-requests as this does not look like a request to change the configuration (not: code) of a Wikimedia website.