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Google group for #Wikimedia-Site-requests
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@Urbanecm conducted a survey via email to active users and subscribers of Wikimedia-Site-requests people. After the shut-down of Conpherence (T127640#5402230) those that replied to the thread would like to have an alternate channel for communication in addition to IRC, and a mailing list was the prefered choice. We would like to request then the creation of a non-mailman mailing list such as that of T215940, given that I foresee browsing/searching/referencing to archives would be rather frequent. Would it be possible for OIT to help us here? Thanks.

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As far as I understand WMF Office-IT's internal documentation, Google Groups are available only to account holders.
Is the main motivation to ask for a Google Group that searching archives in Mailman 2's user interface is cumbersome? Or are there more reasons?

Is there a preferred name for such a group or mailing list?

That was my understanding too until T215940: Mailing list migration for Arbitration Committee to Google Group happened. That being said I don't think we should be using google groups.

Uh nice. In that case Office-IT may want to update their WMF internal officewiki documentation. :)

Hi everyone,

You can create a google group with external people as members. The owner will have to edit the permission settings to public.


Well, how? Note there's google group requested.

I can create the google group, what should the name be? We also need to have someone from the Foundation as the owner of the group and point person.

@JGulingan Thanks for your reply.

Regarding tha name I propose (I keep the l on purpose so it's clear it's a mailing list). This is a personal proposal of course and if anyone comes with something better it's fine for me.

If no one is willing to volunteer, I don't mind to co-volunteer to administer the group. @Urbanecm is a WM contractor so would that qualify as "having someone from the Foundation as the owner"?

It has been a few days and I didn't hear anyone object to the name or the owner. I will go and create this google group now. If you would like to change the name/owner, we can always do so.

@Urbanecm I will make you the google group owner as a place holder. I will CC you onto the techsupport@ ticket for additional information on being a google group owner.

Urbanecm assigned this task to JCabanero.

Thanks, I confirm the group works!