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Create a new user right for local user-namespace renames
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Moving user-pages to another user makes for normal users (without 'Global renamers' right) commonly no sense, instead it opens doors for confusing, faults and misusing.

Similar: Filemover right

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Perhelion renamed this task from Create a new user right for user-namespace renames to Create a new user right for local user-namespace renames.Sep 16 2019, 4:28 PM
Perhelion added a project: GlobalRename.
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move-rootuserpages is already needed to move root user pages (i.e. User:Example) and moving subpages (i.e. User:Example/Foo) makes sense for, eg, accepting user-space drafts and should not require a separate right

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This is outside the scope of global rename. If I'm reading this task correctly, you're trying to make it so that non-admins, non-global renamers, or non-stewards cannot move userpages to new titles. This doesn't involve global rename or CentralAuth, so I'm removing those project tags.