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Design elements for CAT tagging ready-for-review notifications
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Setting up Echo notifications for an on-wiki event requires some design work.

The elements of an Echo notification are described in a table at

In short, what we need here are:

  • An icon, either new or chosen from the existing Echo notification icons (required)
  • A header message (required)
  • A compact header message (for when the notification is "compact", e.g., in a bundle or cross-wiki group) (optional)
  • A subject message for email notifications (optional)
  • A body message for the notification body (optional)
  • Primary and secondary links associated with the notification (optional)

We also need some string resources for notification preferences:

  • A category title string describing the subject of the notifications (e.g., 'App edit milestones')
  • A tooltip describing the preference (e.g., 'Notify me when I pass an in-app editing milestone.')

SVG of Echo notification icon:

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