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Add 'Username in title' tag and filter for Page Curation [medium]
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As a Page Curation user, I want to see a flag for 'Username in title' in the New Pages Feed, and I want to be able to filter for 'Username in title,' so that I can identify cases of potential conflict of interest.

Background: This work came out of the discussions found in T207757. The original vision was a general 'COI alert.' After discussion with the community, we decided to develop a more streamlined approach (which would just check for username and article title match), since this work was much more manageable (from a technical perspective), while still providing useful features and tools for NPP reviewers. The original ticket, T207757, remained with its original write-up, in case NPP folks want to later look into other elements of the ticket at another time.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • We indicate if there is a match between the username and article title (within the article record in the New Pages Feed) in red text at top (i.e. not "Potential Issues").
  • The symbols in the New Pages Feed (such as the green checkmark) should remain the same and be unaffected by this work.
  • Users are able to filter for this match in search results with the following filter label "Have username in title," which should be displayed below "Have no citations."
  • We only verify a match with the username and article title (i.e. we are not checking the text of the article)

Visual Examples:

npp_usernameintitlefilter.png (1×1 px, 279 KB)

npp_usernameintitle.jpg (246×1 px, 22 KB)

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For the comparison logic we can go by the existing edit filter that is used for the same purpose

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@Barkeep49 @Insertcleverphrasehere @Kudpung

We have created a new ticket for the 'Potential COI' alert. We have also discussed the work as a team, and we find it to be a manageable amount of work. So, in that case: Do the basic requirements sound good to you? We just want to confirm that this looks good before we officially take it on. Thanks!

Given the medium complexity I would love to wait on a decision about this until we know where things stand with some of the unknown tickets - in particular task T207761.

Isn't it fairly obvious to a New Page Reviewer if there is a similarity between page name and user name?

@Barkeep49 Medium complexity is common for the work that we take on. We're specifically asking if this approach works for the community because we know that we can implement it. Almost all the requests that we have taken from NPP are at least medium in size, so the work is definitely manageable. Can you please let us know your thoughts on whether this should be implemented, as we have conducted research on this specific request? Also, whether or not we do this work does not impact whether or not we take on other NPP requests. Thanks!

@Kudpung This work would also provide a filter to search for the username + title match. I was under the impression that you found this alternative useful. Is this not the case?

I think Kudpung and I have been a bit more reluctant on the utility of what's being proposed here than the NPP community at large. It's hard for me to say if this is because we're more plugged in or because we happen to be coming at it from different points of view. Personally I worry about the crowding and visual clutter. It's hard for me to tell how many articles would really be flagged by this. Do you have any idea @ifried? Are we talking 1 a day? 1 every other hour? 1 a week?

@Barkeep49 Would you prefer the filter without the tag in the article record? So, in other words, you can still pull up pages that have the username matching the article title, without the actual record stating redundant information?

And thanks for sharing your insights so far!

It would help if we had any kind of data about the number of triggers this would pull. Would it be comparable to the edit filters?

@Barkeep49 Apologies, I don't quite follow what you wrote. What do you mean by the number of triggers? Are you generally stating the more data, the better?And which edit filters are you referring to? Are you talking about the number of edits listed in the article record in the New Pages Feed?

In order to reduce clutter, I was wondering if you would only want to display the filter for username + article title match (see example below)? You'll see the newly proposed filter in the "Have" section (third from the top).

npp_usernameintitlefilter.png (1×1 px, 279 KB)

And/or would you also like to see it flagged in the article record, like this?

npp_usernameintitle.jpg (246×1 px, 22 KB)


It would help if we had any kind of data about the number of triggers this would pull. Would it be comparable to the edit filters?

If I understand the question correctly (and I might not be, so please correct me if I jumped to assumptions) are you referring to the AbuseFilters?

The plan we currently have is to basically reproduce what the AbuseFilter does (I believe it's #148, and you can see the logs of what articles have triggered it here) so the expectation of how many articles would be flagged with this new tag is probably similar.

Does that answer the question, @Barkeep49 ?

This feature is not an unreasonable request, but as I said above, I'm not absolutely sure that the number of times this happens is sufficient to dedicate a lot of dev time to it if it is complicated to do.
90% of the patrolls are done by less than 10% of the patrollers. That 10% is highly experienced and they would probably see this for themselves. I also do not think the entries in the feed should become so cluttered with info that they lead to banner blindness. Personally I believe we have more urgent requests on the wish list to address, especially the other hallmarks of COI.

@ifried the question is how many articles would the completion of this task identify and especially how many are identified that are also not labeled with some other issue (e.g. ORES potential spam).

This proposal failed to reached consensus, so we'll leave it as an open ticket, if things change at a later date and another team would like to take it on. I'm removing the Community Tech tag from this ticket, as we've now wrapped up the Page Curation Improvements project. More details on the project and its final outcomes can be found on the Page Curation Improvements project page. Thanks!