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Publish Quarterly Technical Community Newsletter
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Publish a quarterly Technical Engagement newsletter with information and updates about the work the team has done during the quarter.

  1. Purpose -- To share with our colleagues and community the work we have been doing as a team at WMF. To highlight the technical work being done by technical community members.
  2. Audience -- Tech engagement team, Technical Department, WMF staff, technical volunteers and collaborators, anyone interested in the work we do or interested in joining as a volunteer
  3. Format -- To be published on MetaWiki once per quarter, sent in email format to relevant lists

Page On MetaWiki:

Lists to send to: WMF staff channels, Wikitech-l, Wikimedia-l

Possible Sections

  • Feature Article (Link to long form technical blog article)
  • Interview (Staff or Volunteer -- focus on same or similar questions)
  • News (New initiatives, features, etc)
  • Upcoming conferences, workshops, etc
  • Latest tools added to Toolforge, latest developer metrics, latest docs improvements, new collaborations, events, new developer-tools…

Publication Schedule
October 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2020
May 1, 2020
July 1, 2020
October 1, 2020

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