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Better messaging than Wikidata API error code when attempting to add title descriptions
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit title description on an article that doesn't have a Wikidata item associated
  2. Click to submit


Maybe a more informative, user-friendlier message of why the title description can't be published? If I didn't know how it worked I think I'd be confused why sometimes I can add a title description and why sometimes I get:

B64B21C1-065A-46A0-A282-643996AB19AD.jpeg (1×1 px, 389 KB)

Which might make me more hesitant to try adding title descriptions going forward. Although if this was a heavily debated issue and it was decided to leave the error code as is feel free to close.

Environments observed

App version: 6.3.2 (1659)
OS version: 12.4.1

Affected articles

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In case more examples articles (that aren't linked to wikidata items) are needed for QA:

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I was unable to see the normal title editing UI when using an article without a wikidata item. I tried these articles below and I just see normal article editing. So I'm not seeing the error, but that may be ok? The example article above now has a wikidata item.

IMG_0C8005815979-1.jpeg (2×1 px, 705 KB)

IMG_195163921F77-1.jpeg (2×1 px, 921 KB)

In my case the error message doesn't include a code, it just says "WMF.WikidataAPIResult.APIError error" (perhaps the view is clipped), and the error doesn't seem to get logged. Only with a debugger attached I was able to get more details ("permissiondenied").

Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-18 a les 19.54.43.png (532×429 px, 84 KB)

Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-18 a les 19.59.05.png (151×677 px, 17 KB)