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One persistent script timeout error
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The page in Wikipedia: ns in ukwiki shows multiple error messages "The time allocated for running scripts has expired."
Since a help page in enwiki calls this "Occasional timeout error" while the page in question shows errors basically all the time, I'm filing a bug.


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Anomie added a subscriber: Anomie.

If the timeout errors aren't occasional, you need to rework your page so it doesn't use so much time.

When you preview an edit, at the bottom of the page you can find some information that may be useful under "Аналізатор профілювання даних". In this case it seems to be spending most of the time in a getEntity method from MediaWiki-extensions-WikibaseClient, so tasks such as T179638: Property filter to reduce computing time of mw.wikibase.getEntity() may be relevant.

As there's no bug in Scribunto here, I'm going to close this task.

@Anomie, thank you for pointing out to the exact problem of that page - as an end editor I find error message a bit too vague.