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Determine how we use our External calendar
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Broken out from T197575: Migrate WMSE-extern calendar to GSuite

We have historically had both an external and an internal WMSE calendar. The external one has been open to the public and was embedded on our old website.
With our migration to a new website the embedded calendar no longer makes use of the external calendar, rather it just contains a manual list of recurring events (the Stockholm wikipub/wikifika).

We should make a decision on:

  • How do we intend to use the External calendar
    • Who is the intended consumer
    • What typ of events should be included, which shouldn't
    • Who is responsible for keeping it up to date
  • How should we market the calendar (based on the above)
    • Do we want to the calendar on our website to by synced against it (if not then we need a similar discussion about the calendar on the website)

A valid outcome is that it is not a calendar we wish to maintain for public consumption (or at all)

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@Evelina-Bang-WMSE @Jopparn I broke this out as a separate task as I think the two of your (rather than me) are probably the better people to think about this.

If we want to we could sync with the external calendar using (not free). There might be other plugins that do the same if we change the base event/calendar plugin. Our main limitation is that we don't want to embed the calendar directly (since that means tracking by Google).

@AxelPettersson_WMSE might also have a perspective about how this calendar has been used historically (and who might be using it outside of our organisation)

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@AxelPettersson_WMSE This touches on the issue I raised today about the WIkipub entries

Note that if the calendar is dropped from then the "Aktuella händelser" link in the toolbar (on the left) should be updated/dropped.

The technical side of this has now been done. We've purchased a subscription to event-organiser-ical-sync (it is FOSS!) and added the ical link of the "WMSE Publik" calendar.

A test event has been created and is visible on both and

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@JosefineHellrothLarssonWMSE This task should be readily re-usable for the current push

Instructions on how to handle the external calendar found here

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