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Add sortability to sortable tables for readers of the mobile web site
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Per User:Nick_Moyes and @TheDJ at people who read Wikipedia articles on their mobile devices are unable to sort tables, even when the tables are marked as sortable in the wikitext.

See also:
T181452: Add sortability to tables with "sortable" class in the Android app
T232046: As a reader using the iOS app I would like to be able to sort tables

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The mw-collapsible code and the sortable code are currently tightly coupled - so enabling sortable requires enabling the other as well. We could modify core to make it possible to do one without the other.

ovasileva triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 20 2019, 9:30 AM
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Updated permalink with my second on the request for mobile sortability:
May I change the priority to high? This is very disappointing that mobile users are *still* unable to make use of what article authors want readers to be able to do.

The glorious implementation of Template:Static row numbers has finally allowed the easy addition of fixed, static row numbers as an integrated column on any table.

The only problem is that the lack of sortable tables in the mobile view causes a slight problem in mobile view only. Without some weird CSS magic in the template CSS the number "1" starts in the header cell. Instead of the topmost data cell where it should start.

This only occurs in mobile view when class=sortable is used on the table. It doesn't occur in mobile if the class is not used.

For example tables, links, and explanatory notes see:
*User:Timeshifter/Sandbox144 - Click the desktop and mobile view links at the bottom of the page.

In no case is there a problem in desktop view. For discussion and more technical details see:
*Template talk:Static row numbers/styles.css

With my very limited understanding of CSS I gather that the knowledge of this CSS tweaking, and the need for it, may help in fixing the problems in adding sortability in mobile view.

@Timeshifter: Hi, local templates on a wiki are maintained by that wiki community. Please bring up any problems with local templates on that wiki.
This task is about code in software repositories instead. Thanks a lot!