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Prepare material for upcoming design research
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Upcoming research will be focused on (Brief | Prep | Design prep)

  • V3 reality check with a design prototype based on the current visuals on Zeplin
    • Some comparison to V2 is advisable (DC)
  • How can we retain users? What do we need to do to keep them coming back?
  • Level of information when onboarding new users to edit Wikipedia
    • How interested are first time editors in what their contributions are all about?
    • Do we need to provide a lot of background to get people going in editing Wikipedia?
    • Or does the power of Suggested edits lie in a hands-on approach without too much info and the heavy backpack of WMF projects?
    • How interested are first time editors in knowing exactly where their edits go?
    • What’s the level of detail in communication that we have to provide?
  • Evaluate additional future components that we’re thinking about, such as:
    • Additional onboarding tooltips (Example)
    • Badges (RS will create mockup)
    • Social components (RS will create mockup)
    • Tip cards in the Suggested edits feed (as per Johan’s idea on Slack, RS will create mockup)
    • General edit onboarding to Wikipedia (Example)
    • In-app FAQ section (rather than a link to a page, RS will create mockup)
  • Gain insights for possible future Suggested edit tasks (based on previous survey at Wikimania)
  • Look at recommendations & protocol from usability testing at Wikimania and see what we can use for the research that’s coming up (DC)
  • InVision prototype for V3 (RS)
  • Create mocks about motivational elements (RS)
  • Create mocks about informational elements (RS)
  • Create mocks about possible future components (RS)