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#time ParserFunctions output for Bengali Wiki
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Dear we have an issue with #time ParserFunctions and their calculation with #expr ParserFunctions of our all out time based calculation in all templates.

The issue is #time: ParserFunctions output is Bengali numeric number which is non-calculable.

see the example....
{{#time: YmdHis}}= ২০০৯১০২৯০৭১৯৫৭ (output is Bengali numeric number)

then when we use this below coding to any templates....we got error....

{{#expr:{{#time: YmdHis}}/1000000 round 0}}=এক্সপ্রেশন ত্রুটি: অপরিচিত বিরামচিহ্ন ক্যারেক্টার "�"

But when I add this code output is roman number
{{#expr: ( 27 * 46 / pi ) round 2 }}=395.34

see this link

This problem is also shown all other Indian languages like Hindi wikipedia

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You need to put the "xN" flag at the beginning of the time format:
{{#expr:{{#time:xNYmdHis}}/1000000 round 0}}
works correctly.

Thank you Alex. But this small things have to be updated in

Sorry dear I had just overlook below the table saying that

xn Format the next numeric code as a raw ASCII number. In the Hindi language, {{#time:H, xnH}} produces ०६, 06
xN Like xn, but as a toggled flag, which endures until the end of the string or until the next appearance of xN in the string.