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Find a good way to get numbers how much work @aklapper is doing in Phabricator
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Was thinking about but that does not work as it always requires an objectIdentifier (like a task ID)?! Need to re-read ...
echo '{"constraints":[{"authorPHIDs":["PHID-USER-hgn5uw2jafgjgfvxibhh"]}], "after":"someEpochValue"}' | /var/www/html/phab/arcanist/bin/arc call-conduit --conduit-uri --conduit-token "cli-xxxxx"

Was then thinking about custom added in D1144 but that does not provide any paging? Meh.
So fiddling with offset and comparing the dateCreated with the epoch value for 20190701H0000 being 1561939200, I see that my first transaction on 2019-07-01 was offset 90247. And that so far my last one was offset 94734. (Means 4488 transactions so far for this quarter)
echo '{"username":"aklapper"}' | /var/www/html/phab/arcanist/bin/arc call-conduit --conduit-uri --conduit-token "cli-xxxxx" user.transactions

So I guess

  • I want to be able to pass an epoch value to user.transactions (maybe possible and I'm too stupid?) and
  • I want some paging to iterate through the results?

For the records, cannot use for this as they don't index all and any actions. I think. Might need to recheck.

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