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Enable main page special casing on azwiki
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Hi, everyone. On Azerbaijani Wikipedia mobile version doesn't exist. I took the duty to fix it since i'm both interface and general admin on that wiki, but it requires something to do with $wgMFSpecialCaseMainPage which is out of my rights.

Italian Wikipedia is a prime example for this situation. We want to build exactly the same version of this homepage.

Any help or tips?

Thank you!

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Hi @Rt788, please know that use of this setting is discouraged and it has been removed from some wikis in the past: T216563, T227719.

Anyway, you have to open local discussion to confirm whether azwiki community wants the change in the first place per procedures for requesting configuration changes; or you can provide link if you had already discussed or voted for this.

I’m happy to help you switching to responsive layout (which works on desktop and mobile as well, looks mostly the same, and doesn’t require $wgMFSpecialCaseMainPage turned on). I prepared both above-mentioned turnoffs, so I have some experience in it. You can write on my azwiki talk page or ping me on the main page’s talk (please use English as I don’t speak Azerbaijani, but fortunately wikicode looks the same in all languages :)).

With the help of Tacsipacsi, i decided to use other version. Enabling the special casing is not crucial anymore.

This topic can be closed, and i thank the supporters. Cheers!

@Rt788: Thanks for the reply! I'm setting the status of this task to "Declined" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown.