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Check/Update Pywikibot for blockexpiry timestamps from list=users and list=allusers
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Brad send this email. Not sure what phab task contains the details. Might affect Pywikibot. Maybe we can rip out some work around code?

The format of block expiry timestamps returned from list=users and list=allusers has long been inconsistent. It was being returned in an internal format (e.g. "20190918201053"), rather than the ISO 8601 format used by the rest of the API (e.g. "2019-09-18T20:10:53Z").

The 'blockexpiry' property from these two modules will be changing to the standard ISO 8601 format with 1.34.0-wmf.24. See for a schedule of deployment to Wikimedia wikis.

This change also brings the block information returned by list=users and list=allusers fully in line with that already used for meta=userinfo and 'blocked' errors from various actions.

Brad Jorsch (Anomie)
Senior Software Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation

Event Timeline

Site.allusers method doesn't gives all au props. It just gives 'editcount|groups|registration' currently where the registration is in ISO-Format (not in pywikibot.Timestamp):

{u'editcount': 0,
 u'groups': [u'*', u'user', u'autoconfirmed'],
 u'name': u'!...King',
 u'registration': u'2016-08-03T20:27:00Z',
 u'userid': 2...1}

blockedtimestamp of Site.users() method is not used by the framework itself as I can see. The query result is

{u'blockedby': u'Inkowik',
 u'blockedbyid': 492187,
 u'blockedtimestamp': u'2013-11-13T17:51:12Z',
 u'blockexpiry': u'infinity',
 u'blockid': 960893,
 u'blockreason': u'siehe [[WP:A/A]]; SG-Anfrage wird nicht eingeleitet; Sperre 3. Oktober 2013 Tsor wiederhergestellt.',
 u'editcount': 26874,
 u'gender': u'unknown',
 u'groups': [u'editor', u'*', u'user', u'autoconfirmed'],
 u'name': u'...',
 u'registration': u'2007-06-28T19:34:44Z',
 u'rights': [u'rollback',
 u'userid': 4...7}

I guess there is nothing left to do with the pywikibot framework.