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Develop a mechanism to send Wikimedia-specific Zulip welcome messages to newcomers
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Proposal: We could have a personal bot for Wikimedia-Zulip that sends customized messages to new users who sign-up and/or who ask for information on getting started.


New contributors find their way to Wikimedia's Zulip group chat quite frequently. It is also used for GSoC, Outreachy and GSoD discussions. One of the first things they usually ask is information on contributing and getting started. The answer to this seems to be fairly consistent, i.e. pointing them to,,, etc.

I believe a mechanism to automate this process would be helpful because:

  • It sometimes takes multiple hours/days for experienced users to reply to newcomers' queries
  • Having a welcome message from the org when we sign-up is just a nice thing to have

Current state of affairs

Currently, Zulip does not support a feature that would allow us to customize the Welcome messages directly.
I looked it up and found a 2017 Code-In task ( related to this.
Going through their codebase,

Event Timeline

I'm not sure how long this task will take.

@srishakatux had suggested that it could make a good GSoC/Outreachy project. If it doesn't take that long to complete, it could also be a good Google-Code-in-2019 task.

Once we have an idea of where to include this task, we can update the task description to be consistent with the project standards.

Pavithraes updated the task description. (Show Details)Sat, Sep 21, 10:44 AM
Pavithraes updated the task description. (Show Details)
Pavithraes updated the task description. (Show Details)Sat, Sep 21, 10:58 AM

Thank you @Pavithraes for coming up with this idea! We can promote this idea in the next round of Google-Summer-of-Code and Outreachy!