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Determine target wikis for project
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For this project, it is important we work closely with wikis to increase the likelihood the tools we build to improve on-wiki communication and collaboration meet the needs of the range of people these tools are intended to serve.

This task represents the work associated with figuring out which wikis we will work most closely with on the Talk pages project. We are calling these wikis "target wikis."


Our primary goals for working with what we're calling "target wikis" is to be surprised, to learn things we didn't consider.

Where "learn things" could mean:

  • Uncovering edge cases the team had not designed for
  • Ideas for how the design of a feature could be improved based on a community's past efforts
  • etc.

This might include working with target wikis to:

  • Share in designing talk page features that will provide value to contributors across Wikipedia projects
  • Test prototypes and detect edge cases
  • Co-develop ideas for interventions to improve talk pages


  • Publish a list of wikis we will be working most closely with to the Talk pages main project and /Updates MediaWiki pages.

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ppelberg renamed this task from Determine target wikis to Determine target wikis for project.Sep 23 2019, 1:56 PM

Some other "Selection Criteria" to consider as inspired by Communication networks do not explain the growth or survival of early-stage peer production projects:

Selection Criteria

  • Projects that are relatively "mature"
    • Maybe this is already covered by our existing criteria, "Have a relatively large number of contributors using article and user talk page." but I'm wanting to make sure we explicitly consider the project's stage in the context of, "When the structure of a project is explicit and the goals are well-defined, as in many early-stage CBPP projects, then there are few social interdependencies...As projects grow and become more complex, it is more difficult to signal needs through the artifact and structured coordination is needed." | Source

Updating task description to remove "Selection Criteria" and move it to the task description of T233760

I am thinking through candidate wikis in this spreadsheet: OWC/Target wiki selection


I've proposed – what I think are – 5 good candidate wikis based on their quality and quantity and participation in the Talk Page Consultation. Those "candidates" are marked in Column J of this spreadsheet: OWC/Target wiki selection (not yet public)

Before recommending we start our outreach, I'd like to:

  • Confirm talk page usage behavior among each community's contributor base at large (see: T233261)
  • Discuss this list with @Whatamidoing-WMF

I'm talking to a couple of editors at the French and Hungarian Wikipedias. They are going to take my request to their communities, so we are in a wait-and-see mode for those two wikis. I really hope that both of them will be interested.

Target wikis were announced on MediaWiki: 7-February-2020 update.