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"link=" parameter in [[Image: ignores $wgExternalLinkTarget
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Author: costellojp

When using the link parameter of the [[Image: |link=]] markup to link to an external URL the parameter $wgExternalLinkTarget is ignored.

This has occurred where a small icon image and a site title are both linked to an external site and where $wgExternalLinkTarget = '_blank' is set. Clicking on the image opens the external site in the same browser window while clicking on the textual title brings the external site up in a new browser window.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: normal



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plmoell wrote:


The link pass by addExternalLink() in ParserOutput.php (see makeImage() in Parser.php in « case 'link': ») but doesn't pass by makeExternalLink() in Linker.php.

To make these links to have a normal behavior, a provisional solution is on my patch (also fixing the usage of $wgNoFollowLinks, but $wgNoFollowDomainExceptions are ignored and maybe $wgNoFollowNsExceptions too). There is a hook must be applied but this hook is called in makeExternalLink().

See the introduction of "link" :


plmoell wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)
Correct diff is
(but the first one is pertinent too).