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triple-click on a value (label, description, ...) followed by copy and paste includes line breaks
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  • go to an item, say Einstein:
  • triple-click inside a description, say the English one, to highlight the text
  • copy the selection
  • paste it into a text editor (or email, ...)

Expected: the text is pasted
Observed: the test plus preceding and following new line is pasted

Workaround: Carefully move the cursor to the beginning of the text, click and hold, move the cursor to the end, release click. Then copy, ....

The workaround is much slower than the triple click and error prone (might miss the first or last letter). Alternatively, after pasting, a line break might sneak in somewhere unexpected (say in code leading to a software bug - this has happened to me some weeks ago despite me carefully checking any code changes).

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Toni_001 created this task.Sep 23 2019, 6:43 PM
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@Toni_001: Assuming this task is about Wikidata, hence adding project tag so others can find this task when searching for tasks under that project or looking at that project workboard.

Correct, thanks. (Still learning how to create good tickets.)