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Invoice to centralmuseer for organisational membership
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The Centralmuseernas samarbetsråd decided back in the day that they should al become members in Wikimedia Sverige.

We should try to send an invoice (government agencies need e-invoices now) for the 2019 membership fee to all of them to see if that triggers a response.

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@AxelPettersson_WMSE @Jopparn Am I remembering correctly that the CMS decision was to all become organisational members? Has there been any larger changes in CMS that would mean that decision has since been void? Do we know where that decision was written down? (Would be good to refer to it in the invoice).

The plan would be to send out an invoice for just the membership amount (1000 SEK) without any mention of optional donations in order to make it as streamlined as possible.

I think your memory is correct, but I can't find any notes or documentation about it. It probably dates back to 2012, but should still be valid.

I also have a distinct memory of it, but it doesn't say anything about it here at least:örklaring_Centralmuseernas_samarbetsråd

Sounds like the suggestion of sending them an invoice isn't ideal then. Unless someone objects I say we scrap that idea then.