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On-wiki communication research
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⚠️ This task is an experiment. I anticipate it will evolve with time. Let's see what happens.

Talk pages are one component of a larger system of on-wiki communication.

This task is intended to make the research associated with understanding that system more legible to others.

The ultimate goal of this research is to arrive at new understandings that will help our team make decisions around things as specific as requirements for the first version of the reply affordance and how the impact of this feature should be measured. See this epic: T233443

Research questions:

  1. Where are the various places conversations/discussion happens on-wiki?
  2. Which of these places are used most heavily to communicate on-wiki?
  3. What are the primary use cases for the most heavily used discussion spaces? (use cases)
  4. How are these discussion spaces used differently on different wikis?
  5. What needs to be true for these use cases to happen? (components)
  6. What decreases the likelihood of these use cases happening? (pain points)
  7. What are the points of delight in these use cases that could be accentuated? (delight)

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  • Where are the various spaces conversations/discussion happens on-wiki? Within this question, I was specifically looking at Article and User talk pages through the frame of the following sub-questions:
    • What social conventions have emerged over time?
    • What are the technical components that make up these spaces?
    • What are the most common use cases?
    • What component steps make up these use cases?
    • Where is there friction?
    • Where is there delight?

For now, this research is happening in this document: Talk Pages/Thinking