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Drop page create event data on mysql
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We used this tables in the past to build dashboards in dashiki, the totality of this data is in mediawiki and much of it in event form exists also on hadoop. I think it can be safely deleted from MySQL. Pinging @Ottomata and making ticket for team

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Nuria renamed this task from Drop page to Drop page create event data on mysql.Sep 26 2019, 1:43 AM
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Space that can be potentially recovered:

elukey@db1107:~$ du -hsc /srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_*
40K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_key_ix_PageCreation_7481635_timestamp_1790459b5_3_1b_P_0.tokudb
40K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_key_ix_PageCreation_7481635_uuid_1790459ad_3_1b_B_0.tokudb
32K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_main_179045994_2_1b.tokudb
64K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_status_179045994_1_1b.tokudb
176K	total

elukey@db1108:~$ du -hsc /srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_*
32K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_key_ix_PageCreation_7481635_timestamp_19bed9_4_1d.tokudb
32K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_key_ix_PageCreation_7481635_uuid_19bed9_3_1d.tokudb
32K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_main_19bed9_2_1d.tokudb
64K	/srv/sqldata/_log_PageCreation_7481635_status_19bed9_1_1d.tokudb
160K	total
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+1 to deletion

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-10-08T05:44:02Z] <elukey> drop PageCreation_7481635 table from the log db on db1107/db1108 - T233892

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