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Figure out Umepedia site
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Umepedia is one of the few sites we are still hosting.

I recently deactivated commenting to bring the site in line with our new Privacy policy but there are various outstanding issues left with it.

  • The base version of Wordpress should be updated to keep the website secure, this however needs an update of the PHP version runnign on the server.
  • The site should be migrated of Glesys (T208050)
  • 2FA should be activated for all admins
  • A Privacy footer should be added, linking to our on-wiki privacy policy.
  • Once Matomo is up (T206773) the settings need to be updated to point to that one instead
  • Keeping the website updated need to be made part of some routine (again to keep it secure)

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Lokal_Profil added a subscriber: Jopparn.

@Jopparn Right now we are not getting any stats of the site but in general we should think about how long we want to maintain it if there are no plans of making more use of it

Our volunteers in Umeå should be asked if they want to be involved in keeping the site up-to-date. One of them led the creation of the site in the first place.

@Jopparn Could you contact him about it and see if its still something they use (can stick me in CC)?

But to clarify, for WMSEs part we have no plans for it?

No, not currently, but I do not want us to get rid of it.

Email sent to volunteer today.