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Add "candidate master and sanitarium master" on dbctl for the candidate masters and sanitarium masters in eqiad/codfw
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Let's add a comment for the following hosts
The following hosts are candidate masters:

  • db1083.yaml:# candidate master for s1
  • db2103.yaml:# candidate master for s1
  • db1076.yaml:# candidate master for s2
  • db2104.yaml:# candidate master for s2
  • db1075.yaml:# candidate master for s3
  • db2127.yaml:# candidate master for s3
  • db1081.yaml:# candidate master for s4
  • db2110.yaml:# candidate master for s4
  • db1100.yaml:# candidate master for s5
  • db2113.yaml:# candidate master for s5
  • db1093.yaml:# candidate master for s6
  • db2114.yaml:# candidate master for s6
  • db1086.yaml:# candidate master for s7
  • db2121.yaml:# candidate master for s7
  • db1104.yaml:# candidate master for s8
  • db2080.yaml:# candidate master for s8


dbctl instance db1083 set-candidate-master --section s1 true
root@cumin1001:/home/marostegui# dbctl instance db1083 get
    "db1083": {
        "host_ip": "",
        "note": "",
        "port": 3306,
        "sections": {
            "s1": {
                "candidate_master": true,
                "percentage": 100,
                "pooled": true,
                "weight": 500
    "tags": "datacenter=eqiad"

The following hosts are sanitarium

  • s1: db1106
  • s1: db2072
  • s2: db1074
  • s2: db2126
  • s3: db1112
  • s3: db2074
  • s4: db1121
  • s4: db2073
  • s5: db1082
  • s5: db2128
  • s6: db1085
  • s6: db2076
  • s7: db1079
  • s7: db2077
  • s8: db1087
  • s8: db2082
root@cumin1001:/home/marostegui# dbctl instance db1106 set-note "s1: sanitarium master for db1124"
root@cumin1001:/home/marostegui# dbctl instance db1106 get
    "db1106": {
        "host_ip": "",
        "note": "s1: sanitarium master for db1124",
        "port": 3306,
        "sections": {
            "s1": {
                "groups": {
                    "dump": {
                        "pooled": true,
                        "weight": 1
                    "vslow": {
                        "pooled": true,
                        "weight": 1
                "percentage": 100,
                "pooled": true,
                "weight": 50
    "tags": "datacenter=eqiad"

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Change 539739 had a related patch set uploaded (by Marostegui; owner: Marostegui):
[operations/software@master] Quick script to check candidate masters

Change 539739 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/software@master] Quick script to check candidate masters

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-10-03T07:49:17Z] <marostegui> Set notes on the sanitarium masters - T234039

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root@cumin1001:/home/marostegui# for i in db1106  db1074 db1112 db1121 db1082 db1085 db1079 db1087 db2072 db2126 db2074 db2073 db2128 db2076 db2077 db2082; do echo $i; dbctl instance $i get | egrep "db1124|db1125|db2094|db2095" ; done
        "note": "s1: sanitarium master for db1124",
        "note": "s2: sanitarium master for db1125",
        "note": "s3: sanitarium master for db1124",
        "note": "s4: sanitarium master for db1125",
        "note": "s5: sanitarium master for db1124",
        "note": "s6: sanitarium master for db1125",
        "note": "s7: sanitarium master for db1125",
        "note": "s8: sanitarium master for db1124",
        "note": "s1: sanitarium master for db2094",
        "note": "s2: sanitarium master for db2095",
        "note": "s3: sanitarium master for db2094",
        "note": "s4: sanitarium master for db2095",
        "note": "s5: sanitarium master for db2094",
        "note": "s6: sanitarium master for db2095",
        "note": "s7: sanitarium master for db2095",
        "note": "s8: sanitarium master for db2094",
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