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Wikidata "Duplicate references" gadget hangs on saving copied reference
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Using the "Duplicate references" gadget, when I copy a reference and select "insert reference", the "saving" status message appears but the save never completes.

It seems the reference is correctly copied to the new statement but the actual "publish" step does not complete: if I add another reference manually while the "saving" status is displayed on the copied reference, both the manual and copied references are correctly published.

This problem was discussed on Wikidata Project Chat and confirmed to be a problem by three editors.

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Terminators: Is this possibly caused by your changes?

Very very likely

Yup, it uses|ApiEntityStore) That has been dropped. The code:

Lydia_Pintscher added a subscriber: matej_suchanek.

@matej_suchanek Is this something you want to have a poke at?
@Ladsgroup What should be used instead?

Not anytime soon, sorry.

Just an idea cant User:Matěj_Suchánek/moveClaim.js be changed to support copy the reference it still works.... and today allows moving claims across items....

Its purpose is (surprisingly) to move/copy claims. Why reinvent the wheel? We just need to have this one fixed.

Hello Everybody,
Someone could explain us why a so usefull tools is out of order for a so long time?
The information quality in Wikidata can be (is already) impact by this.
I am a no tech user. I can imagine that it much more complex as I imagine, but just give us news.
Thanks in advance.

agree with Baptiste this is the primary tool for adding sources to more statements in WIkidata

Hello all,
We are working on fixing this issue. Thanks for your patience.

Fixed. Let me know if you still encounter issues.

Thanks it works ... more than happy ;-)

Fixed. Let me know if you still encounter issues.

Thank you!