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Lock the menu on
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We would like to lock the menu, so that it stays put when one scrolls on the website. By doing this, "Donera" will be visible all the time.

To do

  • Evelina checks if there is a setting for this provided by the theme.


  • There is no setting for locking the menu in the theme. We can use another theme, but we will need to put in time to make sure the pages look good in the new theme.
  • We can in theory lock the menu by adding extra CSS, but to make sure it actually works and looks good everywhere (e.g. on mobile) we should ask an actual web developer.
  • There are plugins we can use, such as Sticky menu or anything on scroll.

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@Eric_Luth_WMSE has checked if this is something which could be covered by Wenderfalck

Lokal_Profil moved this task from Backlog to In progress on the WMSE (IT) board.

Please reach out to the developer in Norway about the CSS.

I've sent an a-mail to the web designer we had contact with before and asked her what the cost would be for her to fix it.