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MediaWiki misaligned anchored text: cannot skip to correct defined anchor
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Hi all,

According to =>

it is not possible to access to the defined anchor =>

due to the use of the preceding closing box which provokes a forward section skip when accessing this anchor - leading thus to misalignment.

Any idea ? Thanks.

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Wladek92 created this task.Mon, Sep 30, 5:04 PM
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Sorry, I don't know what is request here. I click and I end up at the anchor. If there is some problem somewhere, please read and follow and provide 1) clear steps to reproduce, 2) expected outcome, 3) actual outcome.

Wladek92 added a comment.EditedMon, Sep 30, 5:55 PM

ok that means there is no problem.

@Wladek92: Which browser is used and which browser version? Does this also happen with other browsers? If yes, which ones?

Wladek92 added a subscriber: Shirayuki.EditedTue, Oct 1, 11:05 AM

After some investigations I can say that @Shirayuki is right. My conclusions are the followingː

*If I define anchor #jsonoutput BEFORE the hidden box, the anchor is well accessed.
*If I comment the hidden box (&oldid=3437306), the anchor of this topic is well accessed

So the problem is linked with {{hidden}} template.

It is the first time I met this problem. Browser is Firefox 52.9.0 . Chrome 49.0.2623.112m has the same behaviour (sorry for old versions but they are both giving full satisfaction under our OS). Java is JRE 1 8 0 221.

Further investigation but under Android:
On my brand new Samsung tablet Galaxy TabA I access the same URL: surprise the anchor is well reached !

What is the difference ? :
On the tablet (version mobile), when the called page is displayed, the box of 'hidden' declaration is shown open and the anchor is then functional. I dont see hide/show actions for this shown hidden part.

A contrario, on my laptop (anonymous connexion, or skin Vector) when the called page is displayed, the box of 'hidden' declaration is shown closed and the anchor is misaligned.

If I understand correctly: Some browsers misinterpret some template; other browser don't misinterpret some template.

sorry for old versions but they are both giving full satisfaction under our OS

[Off-topic:] ...and these old browser versions have many security vulnerabilities that got fixed in recent browser versions. So your entire system is insecure.

I can reproduce this bug on Microsoft Edge 44.18990.1.0 (as an IP user).

Did you test as an IP user (or in Secret/Incognito window)?

Concerning my tests on laptop, results show the same behaviour, whether I access the page as an anonymous user or as a connected user @Wladek92. I dont use incognito window.

If I test now access to the anchor on laptop with Incognito window under my Firefox (opening a private window), I also skip to "Clean up log event parame...' i.e. AFTER the closed box and the misalignment is the same.

What do you use Nike ?

Wladek92 added a comment.EditedSun, Oct 6, 8:41 PM

It appears that the anchor is not disturbed when I remove the markup * and : (bullet lists/tab) from the text of template hidden parameter 2=...

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