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Create way for Space users to identify gender
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Space users should be able to disclose their gender in their user profile.

The options for selection could align with the gender question in Learning and Evaluation surveys:

Male/man ◯
Female/woman ◯
Transgender ◯
Non-binary ◯
Genderqueer ◯
Different identity (please state)
I prefer not to say ◯

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elappen-WMF created this task.

Possibility of a drop-down menu, eliminating "I prefer not to say" as the field will be optional anyway. Additional space to specify different identity, when selected.

This has been posted for discussion on Space:

@elappen-WMF: What's the reason behind not using the three options that MediaWiki offers for this?

Also see T27834 and T61643 for past bikeshed.

Discourse doesn't refer to users with pronouns, so the issue for us is more about awareness and visibility. We'd like to be able to promote gender diversity on Wikimedia Space, and have a range of options that people will feel comfortable with in self-identifying. It's just a different use case.

Quim has reminded me that, indeed, there are cases where Discourse does point out the gender of a user (particularly when the UI is not in English): This is also a UI issue that we will likely tackle at some point, but want to start a measure like this to bring more attention to diversity.

and have a range of options that people will feel comfortable with in self-identifying

In that case I very much wonder which specific research the offered options are based on, and why you think that those seven options are sufficient...

Still not sure which exact "L&E survey" this refers to, but I would assume that the results of "the gender question in Learning and Evaluation survey" mentioned were or will be published in an anonymized (and clustered) way. Not by explicitly exposing each user name and each user name's gender self-identification in public.

@elappen-WMF: I am very concerned that the 7 proposed options in this task will have a side effect that more people will make themselves more vulnerable to harassment. I can only ask you to please consider sticking to the limited gender options that MediaWiki offers, if at all.

@Aklapper Apologies, I didn't respond earlier because the users were already voicing similar ideas in the topic. This is really not set in stone at all and we want something that will feel empowering and comfortable to people, that will also allow us to make sure Space is growing as an inclusive and diverse platform. I've explained more in the topic. Would be great to have your feedback there directly!

Based on feedback here and in the topic itself, we will be keeping development as simple as possible. We will commission work that:

  • integrates the three options from MediaWiki into Space user profiles
  • identifies strings that may be gendered in different languages
  • provides a system for localizing those strings to make them responsive, across languages, to the pronoun selection

This is a big project, but we want to start this work as soon as possible, so I am committing the actual development of this for next quarter.