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WikiNEM 2019 : lightning talks
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Lightning talks would be held on Sunday morning in the EÜS building.

Ivo is responsible for the room and equipment setup.

Liina-Mai will collect the information about lightning talks and administer that event on Sunday.

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Presenters will be Heikki Kastemaa, Axel Pettersson, Edgars Košovojs ja Finn Årup Nielsen.

I have recorded videos of lightning talks, still thinking what to do with them. Maybe cut into one wrap-up video?

Maybe upload videos separately if you don't have time for a wrap-up video? (if they are any good)

We still have no videos and only one set of slides:

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Raw video files are in my computer (or on some of my hard disks). This might become relevant before next WikiNEM, but currently I have no time to work on them myself.

There are still no videos and only one set of slides has been uploaded.

Might there be any progress or should that task be closed down?

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@K2suvi: Hi, what exactly is this task stalled on ("If a report is waiting for further input (e.g. from its reporter or a third party) and can currently not be acted on")? Asking as tasks should not be stalled (and then potentially forgotten) for years for unclear reasons. Thanks!

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No reply; reopening.