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Create a VE-based text input for replying
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Esanders created this task.Oct 1 2019, 11:46 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptOct 1 2019, 11:46 PM
Alsee added a subscriber: Alsee.EditedSun, Oct 27, 12:25 AM

VE is not viable as a primary/default. Multiple communities have created hacks to the sitewide javascript to kill VE-defaults, the Talk Page Consultation finally killed Flow fundamentally due to it being entirely built around VE and attempted to force VE as the sole interface for Talk, and EnWiki (nearly half our global community) put a block on the 2017wikitext editor again fundamentally because it was built entirely around VE and it attempted to force VE as the sole interface for non-talk. Using VE for plaintext and/or wikitext is grossly dysfunctional design.

Can we please mark this as a stretch-goal secondary mode, and create a new task for primary?

Jc86035 added a subscriber: Jc86035.EditedMon, Nov 4, 11:13 PM

While I am a Flow user and have it enabled on my Wikidata talk page, I do have some reservations about using VE directly without any alternative. I think it's likely that users will complain that there is no non-JS option (see e.g. VE vs. 2010 editor; Old Reddit vs. New Reddit). Furthermore, considering the relatively troubled history of VE, I imagine that it will inevitably face extra scrutiny from experienced users, and it would be disappointing to see this also get stuck in beta indefinitely.

Perhaps an option to use an HTML <textarea> instead of VE could be more easily implemented first and then retained as an alternative (e.g. for users who have JavaScript disabled, or whose computers are too slow for VE to be comfortably run).