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Membership statistics
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To do
Create page on wiki with membership statistics (quarterly would be good).


  • Placed a diagram and a table on this page. The numbers come from the yearly reports for the respective year.
  • We imported a new template to make nicer looking diagrams.
  • Initially, the numbers put on the page were based on the yearly report from 2018, but we identified errors in the reported membership numbers. It likely started when the numbers were entered in 2016. In the yearly report for 2019 we need to remember to correct this.

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If you haven't planned on it already, you can add some moderately fancy graphs:

@Jopparn If the previous years yearly reports are used a the source for the number of members, I think there might have been a mistake when the numbers for 2007, 2012 and 2015 were added to the report for 2016, and that these numbers have countinued to be used since then. We might want to change it for the next report.

ÅrEnligt verksamhetsberättelse 2018Enligt resp. års verksamhetsberättelseLänk till källa
2018453 (5)453 (5)2018
2017139 (5)139 (5)2017
2016445 (5)445 (5)2016
2015519 (10)517 (10)2015
2014585 (9)585 (9)2014
2013194 (3)194 (3)2013
2012221 (3)138 (2)2012
2011221 (3)221 (3)2011
2010243 (2)243 (2)2010

If you haven't planned on it already, you can add some moderately fancy graphs:


@Lokal_Profil The year where there is a big difference is 2012 (see table above). It seems resonable that there was a mistake when entering the membership information in 2016, but would it be possible to somehow check in the old membership system how many membes there were at the end of 2012?

We can not easily check the old system. It's been packaged up and would take considerable effort to make it accessible again. Since it's the same number as for 2011 it seems extremely likely that it was a typo from 2016 that then just stuck with us. We should make a note for 2019 to NOT keep that number =)

Jopparn added a comment.EditedOct 8 2019, 2:40 AM

I don't have any recollection of a discussion (of previous years being wrong) before the change happened. So I think the solution from @Lokal_Profil is suitable.

Let's also update theöreningen accordingly.

I've updated the page.

Evelina-Bang-WMSE closed this task as Resolved.Tue, Oct 29, 8:12 AM