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Error on 'Mark as Sent' page for automatic-send partners
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The Library Card platform distributes access to a range of publisher partners. In doing so, we directly support 5 different kinds of access methods. For the 'Email' and 'Access codes' methods, coordinators need to access a 'Mark as Sent' page to confirm that the application has been successfully processed. For all other methods, we mark applications as sent automatically (Link, Proxy, Bundle - see T206627). For these partners, coordinators should have no need to access the Mark as Sent page, and indeed nothing should link them there. As such, if a coordinator navigates to a partner's Send page we should provide them with a sensible error code, and don't need to provide any specialised (translated) text there.

This view is defined in SendReadyApplicationsView, and fills out send_partner.html.

The steps to completing this task should be:

  • Remove the condition which displays an error message on send_partner.html for non-Email or Codes partners. (send_partner.html#L188 and the following line).
  • Override DetailView's dispatch function by adding a new function called dispatch() which checks if the current partner has an authorization_method of Partner.EMAIL or Partner.CODES.
    • If it does, return super(SendReadyApplicationsView, self).dispatch(request, *args, **kwargs).
    • If not, raise Http404 (see an example here) with a helpful error message.
  • Add two new tests to applications/ in the MarkSentCase class. One should test that an 'Email' method partner send page is viewable, and the other should confirm that a 'Proxy' method partner send page returns a 404.

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