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Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019 Session: What can we learn from Github Actions?
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  • Track: Deploying and Hosting
  • Topic: What can we learn from Github Actions?


Github has recently launched "Actions" ( as a beta feature. Actions is a solution for automating workflows (testing, building, deploying, releasing). Workflow are defined by developer as a simple config (yaml) interpreted by a dedicated tool (open source). Whole automation is empowered by modern container technology. Ability to use the same containers, and even execute workflows using the very same tool on local machine, on the CI server, and why not on the deployment machine seems to make the differences between set ups a minor issue. With the growing adoption of containerization in the Wikimedia dev environment, are there any interesting ideas in Github's Actions that we could also adapt?

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Event Timeline

debt created this task.Fri, Oct 4, 3:30 PM

There has also been Gitlab's around for a while which is pretty similar. So I guess that Github had to catch up at some point.

hashar awarded a token.Mon, Oct 7, 8:16 PM

Yup. Bitbucket's Pipelines ( also somewhat similar. I referred to Github Actions as 1) it is a (relatively) new kid on the block, so it could drag attention, 2) it is the solution I have seen (very briefly, I admit) in action and I find Github closer (e.g. and hosting, at least as a mirror, a huge bits of WMF's and WMDE's code bases) to Wikimedia things than Gitlab or other platforms, and, maybe the most importantly, 3) some particular things in Github Actions seemed simply pretty awesome.

Either way, the idea here would be to look for a second what's outside of Wikimedia world, what kind of features and tools other CI/CD systems provide, and use this analysis as an inspiration for collecting requirements and wishes for the future/upcoming Wikimedia's CI/CD tooling.

greg closed this task as Invalid.Tue, Oct 8, 9:13 PM

This session was proposed before it was known that the Release Engineering team, via the CI Futures Working Group, have decided on a recommendation of Argo for the next iteration of CI infra tooling at Wikimedia. Exploring how others perform similar work is always beneficial, but a session devoted to one technology, when that technology is not a possible choice, will not be the best use of attendee time and attention. Please see the WMF CI 2.0 session (T234639) for what is happening in this space and how to provide feedback/suggestions. Thanks.