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Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019 Session: 3rd Party MediaWiki development and support
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  • Track: Standardization Decisions
  • Topic: 3rd Party MediaWiki development and support


This session will discuss how the WMF supports 3rd party users and developers, and what, if any, changes should be made regarding that.

Questions to answer and discuss

Question: What changes should the WMF enact (if any) related to 3rd party support for MediaWiki?

Question: Can Wikimedia MediaWiki developers and 3rd party developers work better together? If so, how?

Related Issues

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Pre-reading for all Participants

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Notes document(s)

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Notes and Facilitation guidance

Session Leader(s)

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Session Scribes

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Session Facilitator

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Session Style / Format

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Session Leaders please:

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  • Coordinate any pre-event discussions (here on Phab, IRC, email, hangout, etc).
  • Outline the plan for discussing this topic at the event.
  • Optionally, include what this session will not try to solve.
  • Update this task with summaries of any pre-event discussions.
  • Include ways for people not attending to be involved in discussions before the event and afterwards.

Post-event summary:

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Post-event action items:

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Event Timeline

@Nikerabbit @Darenwelsh - You both mentioned 3rd party development and support in your survey responses. Would either (or both) of you be interested in leading this session?

There's a related (draft) movement strategy recommendation, Realize the Potential of the Third-Party Ecosystem.

My main question would be, why do we expect this session to have any kind of impact when previous similar sessions (like T206059: Wikimedia Technical Conference 2018 Session - Choosing installation methods and environments for 3rd party users) didn't? You can session all you want when the people making the resourcing decisions have already made up their minds.

We still don't have an owner identified for this session. If we can't find one by Friday, the session proposal will be closed.

Again, what is the point in discussing "What changes should the WMF enact (if any) related to 3rd party support for MediaWiki"? Who commits to at least considering to enact those changes?

FWIW, I've made an arguable suggestion in T234644#5581430 to focus T234644 on using containers for use of non-Wikimedia installations.