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Allow downloading charts as images
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Some users might want to download the charts on the statistics page ( as images, so we should allow this. Each graph shown to users should, under the Download CSV button, have a Download Image button which downloads that chart as a jpg file with an appropriate file name.

Additionally, a test should be written which confirms this behaviour downloads a file as expected. Testing the contents of that file may be hard, so confirming the download of a file is sufficient.

The guide at may be helpful.

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This needs to be expanded, and more information provided, so each student knows what is necessary in order to complete this task. T230935 is one of tasks having good description, you can inspire there.

@AdityaJ Since you added the Google Code-in tag, do you plan to mentor this task?

Yes @Urbanecm , I plan to mentor it.
Sure! I will update the task description. Thanks :)

Yes @Urbanecm , I plan to mentor it.
Sure! I will update the task description. Thanks :)

Great! I've just sent you an invite to the Google Code-In mentor interface. We'll soon send an informational e-mail, but the most important bits are already outlined at You can direct any questions at Wikimedia org admins, who can be contacted via Thanks for mentoring! PS: I've already imported all Phabricator tasks into GCI interface, You might need to uncheck "my tasks" at the bottom of tasks list in the GCI interface in order to see them. Feel free to review the ones in your area of expertise, and assign yourself as a mentor to them.

Samwalton9-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
Samwalton9-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Urbanecm I've updated the task description - is that sufficient?

LGTM @Samwalton9. Thanks! Feel free to import the task into!

Thanks! Published!

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