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Build, package bdsync for Buster
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Our existing nfs backup mechanism relies on bdsync. bdsync is no longer packaged for debian; backporting it is an option but it also appears that "rsync --copy-devices" may be the modern way to accomplish the same goal.

Unfortunately the version of rsync on the old backup hosts does not support --copy-devices so there will need to be host-switching going on somewhere.

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Andrew created this task.Fri, Oct 4, 6:23 PM
Andrew renamed this task from Update script to use rsync --copy-devices to Build bdsync for Buster, or update script to use rsync --copy-devices.Fri, Oct 4, 6:33 PM
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Andrew added a comment.Fri, Oct 4, 6:51 PM

@aborrero, do you have intuition about whether packaging bdsync for Buster is hard or easy?

bdsync was never packaged in Debian, it's an internally packaged tool (originally done by Chase), from a quick glance rebuilding it for buster should be straightforward.

I can do the buster build. Perhaps we should consider uploading this package to Debian, it should be interesting for other people too.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-10-07T11:16:57Z] <arturo> added bdsync 0.11.1-1~wmf1 to buster-wikimedia (T234683)

Andrew added a comment.Mon, Oct 7, 1:06 PM

@arturo if you wanted to submit the package upstream there's at least one other person who would appreciate it.

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