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Old message MediaWiki:Watcheditlist left in wiki sites
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A long-existing message MediaWiki:Watcheditlist is probably no longer in use.
But on many wiki, local copies of it remained, e.g.

On Watcheditlist has been deleted as "No longer required"

There is no message to translate on

If this message is no longer needed, will someone delete it on all language wikis?

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Peachey88 added subscribers: Krinkle, Peachey88.

I know @Krinkle sometimes runs the script that detects if the messages are equal then deletes the local, but that of course doesn't pickup if the twn message has been deleted.

Similar "No longer required" with MediaWiki:Watchdetails, MediaWiki:Wlhideshowown, MediaWiki:Wlhideshowbots (old - Wlhideshow, new Wlshowhide)

Hmm, detecting generally "message existed but doesn't anymore" isn't the easiest task: not only messages live there, but also various configurations. Deleting the messages found manually is quite easy, but I feel the stewards would fit this request better.