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Special:ActiveUsers and magic word NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS should support a threshold for very active users
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Some earlier versions (1.13.0 to 1.16.0) of the Mediawiki software supported a configuration setting $wgActiveUserEditCount for the number of actions a users needed to perform within the specified time period ($wgActiveUserDays, typically 30 days) to be considered active. For some reason (performance problems?) this parameter was then removed, and now only 1 action is needed.

It could be useful for projects (that struggle to maintain a community and to recruit and welcome new contributors) to have easy access to the count of very active users, and such a count should be easy to implement. On top of the existing Special:ActiveUsers and magic word NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS, a filter could be applied that removes those entries that fall below a threshold, which could be a run-time parameter, .e.g {{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS:5}} would yield the number of active users with at least 5 actions and Special:ActiveUsers?limit=100 would show a list of active users with at least 100 actions.

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Why was the setting removed actually? It would be quite useful, as I don't see which wikis would define someone with 1 edit in 30 days as active...

Completely agree with @Reception123. I'd actually like to see Special:ActiveUsers improved to be a full-fledged special page, capable of being linked to via Special:ActiveUsers/role and/or transcluded into wiki pages.

Strong use cases here.