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Aliases are not wrapping nicely (both in reading and editing mode)
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Thanks to a bug report from an editor we noticed that the text in the alias field is not wrapping when it's longer than the width of the field. This happens both in reading and editing mode. Not sure if it's a regression or if it was always that way.

It's blocking the workflow when editing the alias.

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If it’s a regression, I don’t think it’s very recent – I remember noticing this (but didn’t do anything about it) a few months ago.

I can reproduce the same reading mode behavior in this archived page from 2016 by shrinking the browser window a bit. (The editing behavior doesn’t seem to be available through the archive.)

@Lydia_Pintscher Can we raise the priority of this ticket, as it's blocking some editing workflows?

The mobile version of the termbox has some solution for that. I think it could be a good step into aligning mobile and desktop by picking up on that solution (see screenshot below).

Reading mode:

Editing mode: