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Send thank you and wrap up mail suggesting on what happens next
Open, Needs TriagePublic


As in T234527 we should send a mail saying thank you for everybody and setting us on quest for next achievements. This should include:

  • Looking back on things happened, describing the discussions;
  • Listing the decisions made and questions/challenges emerged (old and new);
    • Scheduling the video conference looking back to event and looking forward to ongoing collaboration;
    • Explaining the communication channels and how we should be responsive and nomadic about them;
    • Still encouraging people to make use of Slack workspace created for the event;
  • Listing the content created during the event (protocols, action plans, photos, videos);
  • Inviting participants to add their own content, feedback and experiences of any form to the etherpad/meta/whatnot pool.

This should be sent in next couple of days?