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Introduce “Match system theme” setting
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Why are we doing this?

Android 10 newly introduced a new system setting called “Dark theme”, which allows users to toggle a system wide dark appearance.

In the Wikipedia app, users currently have to manually adapt their (reading) theme setting based on their system setting.

Suggested solution

Enhance the “App theme” setting and bottom sheet in articles with a Match system theme toggle.

Match system theme on (System dark theme off)Match systeme theme off (System dark theme on)Match system theme off

If users have set “Match system theme” to on (active toggle), they are able to choose which theme they’d like to use for the two states, see table below.

System dark theme OffSystem dark theme On
“Match system theme” OffLight, Sepia, Dark, BlackLight, Sepia, Dark, Black
“Match system theme” OnLight, SepiaDark, Black

Some additional conditions:

  • The app’s “Match system theme” setting is off by default.
  • If the app’s “Match system theme” setting is enabled and the system’s dark theme setting is off, the app defaults to light theme.
  • If the app’s “Match system theme” is enabled and the system’s dark theme setting is on, the app defaults to use the black theme.
  • If the “Match system theme” setting is enabled, theme options that are not available are in disabled state (greyed out/reduced opacity).
  • The app remembers if users change their preferred themes.

Starting point for researching:

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Impeccable work @Sharvaniharan 👏 Hope that Android is going to introduce an automatic dark mode (based on daytime) soon.

Moving this to QA signoff!

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I am not seeing the theme toggle on 2.7.50303-beta-2019-11-19 on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Tab

@ABorbaWMF Are they running Android Q? This is only available for Q.

@Sharvaniharan Hey, yes! Sorry about that. I am working on getting android 10 up and running

Np! Thank you for the update @ABorbaWMF

Looks good to me on Android 10 on 2.7.50307-alpha-2020-01-06