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Step 1: Performance review for Wikidata Bridge
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I'm not exactly sure that this is yet or what the deployment roadmap is. Creating this as placeholder task for its performance review prior to (wide) production deployment.

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@Lydia_Pintscher We're pretty limited in capacity so the earlier it is scheduled, the earlier it might happen. Let us know when it is in a state that it is ready for perf review. At that time, it would also be good to have a rough overview of how it works, in what contexts it will be interacted with, and where we can try it out / analyse. It might be one or two quarters in the future depending on size of the feature and our availability.

Thanks for the heads-up, @Krinkle! I'm handing this over to @darthmon_wmde on our side.

Hi @Krinkle !

let's schedule it for February, is that possible? I'd say we can have a talk in January to give you an overview. Before that, if you are going to the Tech Conf, we can meet up there and chat about it already =)

darthmon_wmde renamed this task from Performance review for Wikidata Bridge to Step 1: Performance review for Wikidata Bridge.Dec 5 2019, 1:29 PM