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Help panel: delete sanitized data from before Oct 1
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We have completed our Help Panel experiment and reached the end of our data retention period. We would therefore want someone from Analytics to delete the data from before October 1, 2019 from event_sanitized.helppanel.

In addition, @nettrom_WMF will delete nettrom_growth.helppanel_0410, which contains an earlier set of sanitized data.

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The second part of this, me deleting the initial set of data has been done:

hive (nettrom_growth)> DROP TABLE helppanel_0410;
Time taken: 0.274 seconds
hive (nettrom_growth)> SELECT * FROM helppanel_0410;
FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10001]: Line 1:14 Table not found 'helppanel_0410'

Next step is for Analytics to get back to us about the other part.

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@nettrom_WMF can we confirm that the range to be deleted is beginning of time up to Oct 1? Would this be deleting all fields?

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@fdans : Can confirm that the range to be deleted is the beginning of time (which is like April 2019) up to Oct 1. And yes, all fields are to be deleted. Thanks!

@fdans -- thank you for working on this. I just want to mention that we consider this a high priority task, and hoping for it to be complete within days. The reason is that we're at the end of the data retention period, and want to delete user data promptly. In the future, we'll be sure to give more notice.

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I have deleted all data directories and Hive partitions for event_sanitized.helppanel up to Oct 1st 2019 (not included).
I checked that the table looks good, but please ping us if you find any inconsistency.
The deleted data will stay in Hadoop's trash folder for a couple weeks, in case you want to recover something, then will be automatically deleted.

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@mforns : thanks for taking care of this! I've verified that the table doesn't contain any data prior to Oct 1st. Everything looks good here, so I'm closing this.