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Varying approaches to section names in edit summaries (mobile vs desktop and visual vs wikitext)
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As a user who jumps between different platforms and editing modes, I sometimes get confused about what section name is going to be saved in the edit summary.

As we move towards features like watching a section, new talk page experience, improved filtering and searching in history, etc., correct section tagging may become more important.

Also, with the ability to switch back and forth between visual and wikitext modes, you can finish in a mode different from the one you started in, making the differences between user experiences more evident.

  • In the desktop '2010 wikitext editor', the edit summary box is pre-populated with /* section name where I clicked/tapped to edit section */. This is the behaviour I imagine most editors would be familiar with. Formatted preview of edit summary (including section) is shown after using the Preview or View Changes buttons.
  • In the mobile wikitext editor, the edit summary appears to be prepended with text of the heading that was topmost at save time. (E.g. if I tap edit section "E" and insert heading "D" above that, then I get “D -->” in the displayed edit summary.) Section component of summary is not displayed to user and can only be seen by navigating to history after publishing the change.
  • In Visual Editor on mobile (would have to check desktop, suspect it's same there), edit summary is not pre-populated with section name (did this change recently?) and I need to add it manually.

Above descriptions are for behaviour when an edit was initiated via edit section. New section is a different case.

Short term: can we talk about what's developing in the different editors and what chance there is for a more consistent user experience?

Longer term: any thoughts about splitting the section-name part of the edit summary into a separate database field for indexing? (Or maybe it already is, for all I know.)

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Apologies for splatter-gunning the tags; this is very much a cross-team question and not sure which ones are most appropriate.

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This does seem like a real challenge, unfortunately, the Editing-team can't prioritize this at this time due to work on Talk Pages.