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Including DPL lists eliminates references
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Author: joshualmeyer

I am a writer for the Lucy Burns Institute working on WikiFOIA, found at We are having trouble including references on pages where we also include dpl lists. The references only seem to take after the last dpl is closed. All references that occur before the last dpl dont appear in the reference list at the bottom of the page. A couple of examples of this problem are:

I have tried including reset commands and eliminate commands. Is there something else I need to do to get this to work.


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azliq7 wrote:

I recently encountered this bug as well. As Joshua said, the references after the DPL section is recognised, but any references before the DPL section is ignored.

I believe this is an overlook by the developers of the extension. wrote:

Actually it also breaks the Variable extension and the Semantic Internal Objects extension:

Danwe suggested on other talk pages that the ParserClearState hook is probably called too early, which then erase everything that was set before the DPL statement.