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List of recent most active Phab "Priority" field setters
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Making decisions is easier when one can ask some other folks active in an area so they could provide their opinion.
(Or at least when they have been invited to provide their opinion because "Why did I not get asked".)

Would love to give an explicit heads-up to folks who set the Priority field value in Phabricator about T228757 and T228759, so I'm kindly requesting someone in SRE to once run an SQL query on the Phab DB and dump the results into a Paste at

USE phabricator_maniphest;

SELECT usr.username, COUNT(usr.username) AS cnt FROM maniphest_transaction trs JOIN phabricator_user.user usr WHERE trs.transactionType = "priority" AND FROM_UNIXTIME(trs.dateModified) >= (NOW() - INTERVAL 4 MONTH) AND trs.authorPHID = usr.phid GROUP BY usr.username ORDER BY cnt DESC LIMIT 30;

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Aklapper triaged this task as Low priority.Thu, Oct 10, 8:07 AM
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